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Meir Ezra - The Genius Tour

On this Genius Tour Gave a Lesson Of The Lifetime
Who does not know the world famous and multi-talented entrepreneur, Meir Ezra? Right from the one of its kind data dictionary editor named ‘Addicted’, fleet management systems to revolutionary and advanced fueling system ‘FuelSafe’ and TimeMaker’s amazing computer application with Organizational Resource Planning add-on, he has been a pioneer in a wide range of fields. He is not only committed to his businesses, but he is also a committed and dedicated father and husband. He is the perfect example of a perfect human being.
At the Genius Tour
In the year 2014, on a tour named Genius Tour, he addressed a large number of people in a 2-day seminar. With his fun filled and informational and inspirational presentation, he has won many hearts. His accent reflects that he is an Israeli. The ideas he shared with the people present in the seminar were stand alone and need your time to get absorbed. At the seminar he gave the real and simple meaning…

Dr. Richard “Rich” Isaacs: The Doctor is Out -- to Serve You!

Most professionals have worked inside a box for so long. By that, we mean it has taken so long for people to take the ways of the innovative world to benefit majority of people, especially in the medical profession. But doctors have learned to come out of their traditional comfort-zones in order to expand their horizon and serve more people in a more dynamic and effective way. Meet one of those physicians who is out there to serve your needs: Dr. Richard Isaacs.
Dr. Isaacs’ qualifications, as posted in his web homepage, were not meant to impress but to inform and convince people of what he is capable of providing. Rich is not only a specialist in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery but is also an experienced physician who has dealt with various cancer cases (facial skin cancer, jaw tumor. laryngeal cancer, paranasal sinus cancer and thyroid cancer and others). He has also worked in developing innovative medical procedures using robotics and computer-aided medical systems.
With his extensive…

Williams & Connolly: Margaret A. Keeley Profile

Margaret A. Keeley Partner TEL: 202-434-5137 FAX: 202-434-5029
Williams & Connolly LLP 725 Twelfth Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005
Meg Keeley concentrates on complex civil and criminal trials.  She has represented corporations, law firms, and individuals in a wide range of issues throughout the United States, including securities fraud, accounting fraud, professional liability, and fiduciary duty matters. Most recently, Ms. Keeley’s practice has focused on both criminal and civil litigation involving structured finance products and the credit crises, including the successful defense in a jury trial of a hedge fund manager criminally charged with securities fraud and insider trading.
Ms. Keeley's trial and arbitration experience has included representing clients in federal securities and accounting matters, contract disputes, professional liability, and negligence claims.  She has tried over a dozen cases, including jury trials, court trials, and arbitrations.  She ha…