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Japan Company Trust Organization: Profile

Organization:           Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO)
Type:              Scrutiny and registration of Japanese companies
Description: Japan Company Trust Organization "JCTO" is an anti-fraud organization with Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The organization registers only real Japanese companies with physical address, confirmation and documents scrutiny.
ScrutinyCommittee:          Mr. Y. Ichikawa                                                 Mr. M. Oshima                                                 Mr. S. Iwamoto                                                 Mr. H. Suzuki                                                 Mr. K. Sasaki
Eligibility:     Only Japanese with physical address in Japan are eligible for registration. Non-Japanese companies with registered Office/Branch in Japan are also eligible to apply for registration. Application from 100% foreign companies with no office in Japan are not accepted.
Contact:         Natsuko Sato                         Yasun…