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Heimdal Online Security: 10 Ways to Help Our Parents With Online Security

My parents are bright, intelligent people, curious to explore how modern stuff works. They quickly adopted all kind of new technologies into their lifestyle. They have more than 20 years of experience working on PCs, they own top of the line smartphones and smart TVs. They started using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than most of my (same-age) friends. They aren’t scared of ordering stuff online, or using services like Uber and AirBnB.
However, when it comes to privacy and security they have huge gaps.
They are aware that the digital world has its risks, but they can be easily deceived. It’s difficult for them to realize how close they are to losing money or sensitive data.
They can’t tell the difference between important and optional security steps. They also can’t distinguish between essential information and one that only has a commercial purpose.
And I completely get it: with the avalanche of existent information, I often feel overwhelmed myself.
My guess would be that your parents fa…